RSA Security Conference 2005 - Computer Forensics Expert Advice Sought

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After attending my first RSA Security Conference today (2/15/05) in San
Francisco, I walked away completely amazed at the overall amount of
software, appliances, presentations, gimmicks, pens, squishy balls, and
demo material that was being distributed to Expo visitors.

Being quite new to the computer industry and after attending my first
RSA conference, I have seen the light and will pursue my aspirations of
becoming a Computer Forensics Specialist.

Ok, so this sounds a bit geeky to some I'm sure, but the truth is that
this is the field that I truly dig and after seeing some of the
software being utilized first hand, I'm quite sold on the idea.

If anyone has any experiences in Computer Forensics that they wish to
share with a - soon to graduate - IT student, please feel free to pass
it along. I would be interested in hearing what others have to say
about this specific arena.

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