Resurrecting a Win98SE machine; security questions.

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  Before anyone starts flaming, I run linux at home.  In the next 3 or
4 weeks, I hope to get back on ADSL, and intend to get an upgraded
subscription to  While I can listen to streaming MP3 with
XMMS on linux, they also have an MP3-Pro player that sounds better, and
only works on Windows (mumble, grumble).

  Being the pack-rat that I am, I have an old Win98SE install CD and
"Getting Started" booklet with the install key.  I also have an old
400mhz PentiumII with 128 megs of ram that I can legally use it on.  I
intend to use it as a glorified standalone MP3-Pro player.  Internet
Explorer will only be used to get security updates from
Any web-browsing will be done with Mozilla-Firefox.

  Now for the questions...

  - I have a Netgear RT314 router that can be programmed to block
    inbound syn-packets, and TCP+UDP ports 0..1023 to/from my machine,
    and restrict the ICMP subtypes allowed in or out.  Is there any
    reason to get a heavy-duty "hardware firewall", or is this as good
    as it gets without shelling out really big bucks?

  - What are the recommendations for free anti-virus products?  Note
    that I won't be doing email on the machine.  I may even uninstall
    Outhouse Excuse altogether.  Is a software firewall any help at all,
    given that it'll be sitting behind the Netgear?

  - What is the story on updates?  I've heard conflicting stories about
    whether to go manually or auto-updates.  I only need security
    updates, and probably IE updates, so it can continue accessing
    updates.  I do not need updates for other apps.  If I go manually,
    what's the correct URL?

Walter Dnes; my email address is *ALMOST* like
Delete the "z" to get my real address.  If that gets blocked, follow
the instructions at the end of the 550 message.

IT Risk Management (Development and Operational)

I am trying to compile a list of the potential risks in an IT environment. I
have produced a list of 100 development and operational risks and wonder if
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The intention is to develop a comprehensive list to assist IT project
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