reporting attacks?

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is there a program that reports attacks automatically.

i am presently using sygate firewall.

Re: reporting attacks?

Peter wrote:
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What do you mean about reporting attacks automatically?
Showing you a window saying you are being attacked?
I had Norton Personal Firewall and it did that, but I
had to change it to Sygate Personal Firewall because it
was impossible to work with the computer because I had
a windows opened every 10 seconds with an advise.



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Re: reporting attacks?

Peter wrote:
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You don't want "attacks" reported. Your firewall should not report
"attacks". "Attacks" = attempt of someone to ping your IP, or send a
packet to your IP. Anyone can do it. It is almost as common as someone's
driving past you house. You don't want a report on that either.

If you are really under massive attack you notice pretty soon because
your internet connection will slow down quickly. All your firewall is
supposed to do is keep the door shut...


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