Remote reboot product with built in firewall?

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Hi, I am a user on, a free shell box. It freezes from
time to time due to DOS attacks and we are planning to purchase some
sort of remote-reboot device. Do you guys know of any device that
comes with a built-in firewall. We were considering a APC MasterSwitch
- 10A device, with IP connectivity of some sort. The problem is that
the MasterSwitch will then be open to DOS attacks.

Could you guys suggest a device, some sort of master 250V power
switcher thingy, that is reliable, with no moving parts, no fire risk,
with a built in firewall which can be configured to allow a trusted
host to connect and configure it, which can be used to restart the
main box, and it should act like a bridge and relay the
rest of the packets to

ISP <-> Master250VPowerSwitcherThingy+Firewall+TransparentBridge <->

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