regarding "A fix for a undetectable computer virus"

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Since I can't add a post to my discussion I'll just start another.


Since Romeo India "outed" me, I have received a bunch of spam in my
email account mentioned at my website. Today is Wednesday May 20, 2009
and I have received zero emails from people asking for my information.
I cannot imagine why millions of people would not be interested in
saving money on computer repair. I must assume that emails are being
diverted. Thanks Google.

I will take this opportunity to reveal some very important information
about my unique situation. When Microsoft monopolized the operating
system, I was experiencing harassment in the form of phone tapping,
threats of lawsuits from law firms in contra costa county, California
and even phone calls from computer industry players threatening me to
keep my mouth shut. bank branch was even shut down. I went
to the Department of Justice to complain after the police and FBI did
nothing to help me. After that, It appears that Bill Clinton got

I can tell you that the Monica Lewinsky thing is just a cover story.
The real reason Bill Clinton was impeached is because of what he did
to me.

I saw this "non-detectable computer virus" as a economic assault
against my country and reported it to the authorities. I had
experienced 5 years of harassment from "customers" who apparently
thought I wrote the damn thing.

Towards the end of this 5 years of harassment, I witnessed William
Gates JR. (not bill gates III) and his wife drive slowly by my home
and then when I went to the restaurant close to my home which I went
to on a daily basis, there they were staring at me.

Currently the media is talking about torture and enhanced
interrogation techniques. Guess what, I was tortured and went through
EIT's that are far worse than waterboarding. If waterboarding is
torture, I was definately tortured and that for reporting a crime
against myself.

Furthermore, I am innocent of any wrongdoing and am in need of legal
council. Is there a law firm out there willing to take a suit against
Microsoft and Bill's fathers law firm? I'm tired of this BS.

PS...Someone please tell Bill Clinton that the definition of IS
is...."exists in the wild" in this context. There IS a non-detectable
computer virus that seems to exacerbate planned obsolescence in
computers. And next time, Mr. Clinton, you might not want to try to
kill someone who is trying to help America minimize a Chinese economic

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