Re: Security Question & Suggestion: Record of Last Access & Recent Accesses

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This is usual for what we used to call "timesharing accounts", which
you young ones these days seem to call "shell accounts".  Upon login, it
tells you the date/time and hostname of the previous login; and there is
usually a command to retrieve a list of all recent logins as you suggest
(in unix/linux, type "last user" (for a given username "user")).

Bank accounts,, etc, are reinventing everything rather than
following in time-honoured footsteps; but some of them have some of these
attributes.  My bank's web banking facility tells you the date/time of last
login when you log in.

For VPNs it might be a little trickier because your computer might
automatically connect and disconnect frequently, thus producing voluminous
logs which are difficult to look through effectively at a glance.
There's also the additional wrinkle that when you log in to a VPN, you
aren't actually interacting (personally, as opposed to automatedly) with
anything on the VPN gateway; you'd have to do some extra step to query the
log data (such as running a web browser and pointing it somewhere specific).
A facility where it could tell you your last login in the VPN protocol,
where you could configure your computer to report this information in a
pop-up dialogue you had to press 'ok' on, would be nice.  I assume that
that would require a protocol change, but it could probably be made in a
both-ways-compatible manner.  Of course it should be a configuration option on
the client side.

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