Re: People on Google Security blog don't understand cyber terrorism

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On 23 Jul., 05:40, ""
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It seems a lot of people have understood, that you are just an
individual and your claims about a security group named "n3td3v
security" which have 10000 people on the payroll is just the wet dream
of a scottish troll. Not a single individual of your group publicity
showed up - nowhere! And not a single individual on the net confirmed
the existance of your imaginary group.

On the other hand we all know, that you simply re-labeled the group
members of your deleted google group (6000 subscriptions) to your
imaginary new group of professionals. but hey... these ex-members of
your deleted group aren't member of your new imaginary group! And
these members never have been 6000 professionals, but a bunch of
inactive lurkers.

Wake up, dude!

Your worthless efforts to ban the term "cyber" out of the media and
replace it with "electronic warfare" has been aborted by yourself.

And now you found a new playground: calling an employee of google a
cyber terrorist and calling google responsible for a disclosure that
didn't came from google...?!

How sick is that?

IMHO your trolling and crossposting is cyber terrorism.

Now, please go back to cnet and clap your hands because five people
like your comment there... that's much better for you than to troll a
google blog, two mailing lists and some news groups at once, just to
send out your immature rants

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