Re: Need digital signatures for signing documents sent to clients

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Hi John
After looking around for a bit-here is what I found-
Office XP and above support digital signing of documents-to verify
their contents haven't been altered.
Acrobat 5 and later also support the same, through personal digital
certificates-the same ones used for S/MIME.
We were looking for a way to sign our documents-namely contracts and
proposals, as well as create verifiable content for training materials
and courses etc.
Thanks for your help

Re: Need digital signatures for signing documents sent to clients

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Thank you for that information.  Acrobat Reader (current versions)
should obviously have no problem with providing an option to verify
the signatures:  I haven't seen Office XP or above, but I suspect that
you might also need to be running at that level to "prove" the
signatures - I shall have to do some further research myself when I
get a minute.

My preference would be to use PDF for any document where the
formatting matters - with Word documents where the formatting was
critical, even something as trivial as the recipient having a
different default paper size can make the displayed document look very
unlike what is intended.

I am still interested in the business need, if you have a moment to
explain?  I understand how digital signing works, and what it proves,
but I am trying to imagine a scenario where it matters and where the
local jurisdiction is geared up to accept digital signatures as
binding evidence.  are you looking at a fully "paperless" scenario
like this:

I send (by e-mail) signed proposal to X:  X accepts by e-mail: I send
(by e-mail) signed contract to X; X accepts and re-signs the document
to prove this; we both retain doubly signed copies of contract for
"probative" purposes.


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