Re: Microsoft Misrepresenting WGA's Functionality?

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If you don't trust in Microsoft, just don't use their products.

There are enough alternatives out there, and if you want to, you even
can use Free Software and can read any source code you want to examine.

Why bothering?

Of course, Microsoft did good spreading their products by letting
"piracy copies" doing the main job: now Windows is on nearly every

And now, when they have the monopoly, of course they're changing their
strategy, and are trying to enforce all those users to pay as much money
as they can press out of them.

It's a clever marketing concept, like Microsoft is an enterprise full
of clever marketing concepts, led by geniuses and masterminds of
marketing ;-)

But: this is business. Why not? If people are buying their products
anyways, what is the harm of it?

Of course, because Windows now is a monopoly game, there is harm of it:
many people already are enforced to buy Windows because of being a
platform for the programs they really need.

This now is a question for the Antitrust Divisions and cartel offices
in this world. I'm expecting them to react.

"If you want to play with a piece of windows software that makes you
click all over the place, there's always minesweeper."

                    Kyle Stedman about "Personal Firewalls" in c.s.f

Re: Microsoft Misrepresenting WGA's Functionality?

Volker Birk wrote:

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I don't and I don't use their software either...
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I know, I am using "Free Software" now (and it is heavily used at my job
also). However, you are missing the point. If Ford was missrepresenting
itself to it's customers I would still say it was wrong...and no I do not
drive a Ford!!!!!!! Get it????

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...and I am waiting for the EU to take a stand...We'll see...

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Pass a Net Neutrality Law in the US!!!!

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