Re: It's a fake terrorist scare, folks

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May I call your attention to these facts, please?

- Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction at all when the U.S.
  attacked Iraq this war.

- Saddam had no contacts to terrorists beside his own "government" (aka
  the Iraqi Mafia) at all.

- Not a single of the "proofs" for the opposite of the two above facts
  shown by Bush's government before the war did hold out against examination.

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- The Islam is not a religion of terrorists; most Islamic people are no
  terrorists at all. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world,
  counting more than 1.3 billion believers.

- Ca. 2% of U.S. citizens are Islamic, that means round about 5,900,000
  U.S. citizens. Round about 20,000 Islamic people are serving in the
  U.S. military.

(source for both: )

- There are huge nations, which are called friends even from Bush's
  government, which mainly have Islamic citizens. Bush has a very close
  friendship to Saudi Arabia, for example, with more than 99% Islamic

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