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Others have replied on the SSL issues, which will apply equally
for both credit and debit cards.  The higher risk with a debit
card is that, if you are unlucky enough to have your card details
compromised, the miscreant could possibly empty your bank account
rather than simply run up a large credit bill (for which the
credit card company will likely offer some protection).

On a happier note, some/most banks have pretty sophisticated
software that monitors "unusual" transactions and will phone you
before allowing such transactions (well, mine did!).

For added peace of mind when using a debit card online, keep the
cash balance in your account on which it draws as low as you can
live with, and top it up as necessary from another account (which
you don't use online or for which you don't have a debit card).  
At least that way the damage will be limited if all the checks and
stops fail...

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Re: https + security

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Thanks to all for responding.

To be on the safe side, I think I'll call the company and complete the
transaction over the phone.

Best wishes


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