Re: Hardware Vs. Software Firewall

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On Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:34:53 -0500, Bear Bottoms wrote:

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Re: Hardware Vs. Software Firewall

You should use both, really. The software firewall alerts you when
suspicious connections are made, the hardware firewall stops them in
case the software firewall can't see them, which seems to happen often.

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Re: Hardware Vs. Software Firewall

Responding to Cat5:

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Or you could use a firewall that does do all of the above and anything
else you could think of too.

The first thing you'll need is a blocklist for things you really don't
want heading out of your machine. Then you'll need a default drop for
anything trying to get into it, with conditional accepts for things you
deliberately initiated, but still subject to some kind of "if this then
drop" listing. You'll need to protect your localhost services from
external abuse too, and a number of other "bouncer on the gate" type of

All this is avaliable free with most FOSS systems not sold by M$.

Things can be as complicated and as conditional as you need, but you'll
need to have a clue about what you are allowing (or not) in an out of
your machine. It would also help to have an OS that you could trust not
to sneak around the kernel processes required for the above, and that
would mean dumping XP, or anything from M$.

Or you could just trust that little box that told you everything is OK.

Hope this helped a bit. ;)

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