RBAC setup

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I am learning how to configure RBAC and I used one of the examples that
I found on the internet to implement them. Unfortunatelly even by
following it, I am unable to make it work. Can someone take a look at
what I am doing and tell me where is the problem.

1) I added a user john:

getent passwd john

2) now I created a role : roleA

# roleadd -d /export/home/roleA -m roleA
64 blocks

3) created a password for a role
# passwd roleA
New Password:
Re-enter new Password:
passwd: password successfully changed for roleA

4) now I am adding authorizations to the role. Crypto Management in
this case.

# rolemod -P "Crypto Management" roleA

5) ...now verification
# profiles -l roleA

      Crypto Management:
          /usr/sbin/cryptoadm    euid=0
          /usr/sfw/bin/CA.pl    euid=0
          /usr/sfw/bin/openssl    euid=0

6) now I am assigning roleA to the user
# usermod -R roleA john

7) and check if the role has been assigned to the user
# roles john
john : roleA

8) everything seem to be fine. Role is created, it has authorizations
assigned, and role is assigned to the user.

so now I do su roleA enter password and do
roleA$ cryptoadm stop

instead of stoping the service, i get a message back cryptoadm: not

Please help me learn that because I have been trying so many times
without any success
Thank you

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