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I am a recent computer science graduate with a strong interest in
information assurance.  I also happen to be a book nut.  In any case, I
am looking for a hardcopy set of the DOD Rainbow Series or any of the
books.  I've been looking around, and it appears they have gotten quite
hard to find.  I know they are all freely available on the internet,
and I've even read them, but I want the actual books.  Surely there are
still a few sets floating around somewhere?

If you, or someone you know, has a copy just sitting around collecting
dust, then I would *love* to give those books a new home.  I'd even be
willing to pay you for them.  Please let me know.

It is my misfortune that I happened to be riding my bike to elementary
school when they were discontinued.  If only I had been born earlier...

Thank you,

Re: Rainbow Series

Many, many years ago, a strange thing happened to me.

I, too, wanted to read the rainbow series of books.  Not knowing any better,
I called the DoD office responsible for them (I don't recall the agency, but
it was spooky-sounding, like the NSA or something).  Anyway, I talked to
some woman who sounded very blonde.  She assured me that she would take care
of my request.  She asked nothing but my address, so I was pretty confident
that would be the last I would hear of it.  I was pretty certain that she
had no idea what I was talking about.

Anyway, a few weeks later a big box of multicolored books arrived, and for
several years after that an additional book in some strange color would show
up at my doorstep.

I don't know whether it still works that way, but you might try calling
whoever it was that published that set.  That was a long time ago, but just
a couple of months back I subscribed to Crosstalk and it was almost the same
thing -- no hassle, and a lot quicker than I expected.  So maybe you will
get lucky.


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Re: Rainbow Series

I did call up the NSA...they've been out of publication for quite some
years.  About my only hope is to find someone who already has a copy
(maybe in storage or something) and get it from them.


Re: Rainbow Series

I don't know where you can get a hard-copy, I am keeping mine.  But
here is a website with the documents posted on it.  You can print thim
if you really need hardcopy.

http://csrc.nist.gov/secpubs/rainbow /

Re: Rainbow Series

I know I can print them out.  Everyone says that.  However, being a
book collector, I want the original versions.  For the same reason you
are keeping yours, I want a copy.  However, I was hoping someone on
this list...[say] might know someone else who is out of the business
and cleaning off their shelves.  I would love to give the series a good

In fact, I recently met a man who retired from a national laboratory.
He used to do computer security.  He was moving to another state.  We
got to talking, and I found out that THE DAY BEFORE, HE THREW OUT AN
ENTIRE RAINBOW SERIES!  If only I had been a day sooner.  Sigh.


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