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Which botnets can't be removed by a properly updated copy of Norton
Internet Security running under XP Pro?

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Since the updates to Norton, like all vendors, change as often as every
hour, it's impossible to say.

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In general, the safe answer is: "all of them."  (i.e. none of them can
reliably remove any botnet).

The problem is that a given removal routine for a given detected
threat AT BEST can be trusted to remove the exact same variant that
was in the sample the [insert AV vendor name here] analyzed.  And the
infection droppers and the botnet code itself are changing very
quickly, and there's simply no way any vendor can keep up with all of
them, or reliably detect every variant when there are so many actors
customizing these exploits.

Burning down the machine and reinstalling the OS from original optical
media is the much safer bet.

Be glad the AV at least gave you a hint that something was amiss.

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