Problem installing Norton Internet Security (supervisor access needed)

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An old version of Norton Internet Security (maybe 2002), that is
installed on a friend's computer, doesn't give us permission to use
programs or services such as MSN, Skype or Hotmail. Surfing on the
internet is possible, but chat- and download programs are blocked.
Since my weak heart is very vulnerable for programs that like to play
the dictator, I want to remove the complete Norton Anti Virus software
package asap.
Unfortunately, mr. Norton software needs an uninstaller with
"supervisor access". Without logging in as a supervisor it isn't
possible to uninstall the software. How can I remove NAV/ NIS without
a supervisor account? According to the original website of Symantec,
they don't support this problem, because the version of the software
is too old.

How can I solve this problem? I hope that some one can help me.


Jo Luijten,
The Netherlands

Re: Problem installing Norton Internet Security (supervisor access needed)


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