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I have been reading an article where someone claims that their printer
software reports back to the manufacture of the printer regarding the
current status of the cartridges.

I have recently installed a new printer and notice that there is a
feature in the softwre that allows the manufacturer, with my
permission, to monitor events periodically. Evidently, this helps them
(the manufacturer) to improve their products.

I am wondering what other programmes may be installed that I don't
know about.

My question is 'Is there a way to prevent the printer manufacturer
from monitoring my activities'?

I thought of blocking the printer site in the firewall. This would
stop both input and output to a particular IP address. The problem
here though would be that if I wanted to visit the site, I would be
unable to do so.

Any suggestions greatfully received.

Best wishes.

Re: Printer Spy ?

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It would have been much better form to cross post rather than multi post.

If you were to employ a packet sniffer, you might determine the IP
address and udp/tcp port the printer's software is using.  My guess is
that these would differ from the manufacturer's web site.  Therefore
blocking the printer software might still allow your browser to see
their web site.

You may wish to contact the manufacturer's tech support and ask them
specifically how the information is sent to them, or reinstall their
software and deny the reporting permission when asked.

Best wishes to you.
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Re: Printer Spy ?

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Thanks for responding.

I note in my firewall settings that the printer has a number of
programmes that allow full access to the Internet.

Such programmes include:

Printer communication system
Printer device monitor
Printer status window interface
Lexmark connect time executable

My question is: 'Does the printer need access to the Internet'. I
thought that the printer simply prints from the computer's memory?

Best wishes


Re: Printer Spy ?

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The short answer is "No".  ISTM that there is an ever increasing
number of "local" applications that access (or try to access) the
Internet.  Not because they need to, but because they can.

The "personal" bit of PC is a distant memory...


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Re: Printer Spy ?

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Any idea which of the above programmes will allow people to monitor my

Bets wishes

Re: Printer Spy ?

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Forgot to ask.

If any of the above are blocked, will I be able to print from the web?

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