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I was wondering if anybody had some comments about or experience with
the Prevx malware detection system: /

As I understand the concept, all Your computers files are hashed and
based upon that, checked against a big "community file knowledge

It initially also builds a local database of Your own files, to be
checked on each file launch. The idea would then be that when You run
a new program not registered in Your local database as being good or
bad, it will check against the community to figure out if it is
generally considered safe, unsafe or maybe not really known to the
community yet.

As always, users rate it from anything between "brilliant" and "worst
crap ever", but I would really like some solid input about this

I must admit that I basically like the concept of it. Checking Your
files "fingerprints" against a known safe is a known security concept,
although I would of course never compare a community opinion to a
known safe. I understand also that the guys behind this have realized
that a community is actually not good enough to destinguish between
good and bad, so they are more or less doing their own research on new

But any ideas about the implementation and inner workings of this? Is
it just another crapware?

Or are there other and better providers of "known safes" out there
that You can check Your files against?

/B. Nice

Re: Prevx?

B. Nice wrote:
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Worse than that! No hashes, just names... If a file has the same name as a
malware, it is detected as malware by Prevx1!

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See Above... I liked Prevx which was based on rules for detecting malwares.
But Prevx1 is pure crap. Antivirus try to detect malwares by signatures,
Prevx1 just does it by name.

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No fingerprints...

Yes, it is.

Michel Nallino aka WinTerMiNator (Internet et sÚcuritÚ) (GnuPG pour Windows)
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Antivirus softwares?

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Re: Prevx?


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Really? -Well, if that's true then it's no good. Thanks for clearing
that out.

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I guess that is not exactly how antivirus programs work. They are more
like  looking for known patterns within the files.

I am looking for an online service that holds known safes, that You
can check Your files against - using fingerprint technology.

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