Press Release - June 25, 2010

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Founder of n3td3v security group -

Press release - June 25, 2010

n3td3v security group was originally set up between 1999-2003, in 2004
a Google Groups mailing list was established.

In 2009, I deleted the mailing list which had reached 6000

Now I've set up a Facebook account to replace the Google Groups
mailing list.

Basically, I post the latest security news by way of a web link to a
news source and you have the chance to comment.

That's what the mailing list and now the Facebook account is all

Sharing open source intelligence with the public (e.g news articles,
mailing list posts and blogs.)

If you're a security professional I will accept you to this group, if
you are an anonymous account you won't get in.

Andrew Wallace

Founder of n3td3v security organisation /

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