Pre-encrypt IV in CBC mode

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Assume an IV that is IV=B4=3D IV+1
I have read in the web that pre encrypt the IV in CBC mode of block
crypto protects data from leaking information, can someone give me
information about papersof it, or how it works.=20

Ulf Reiman

Re: Pre-encrypt IV in CBC mode

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Sorry, it seems that you're not understanding what you're doing here
at all.

Please read some good books about cryptography first, then try to ask
questions, if there are any left then.

Books from Bruce Schneier usually are a very good idea to start with.

Wenn Du "Ich sehe die Mathematik als einzigen Bereich an, wo es klare
Beweise gibt." und "Ich fuehle mich in einem Anzug unwohl." als Aussagen
mit aequivalentem Meinungsinhalt betrachtest, hast Du mit Deinem Gleichnis
recht. (Michail Bachmann zu Thomas Wallutis in d.a.s.r)

Re: Pre-encrypt IV in CBC mode

My question is: if a have a counter in my IV, and the counter is like
this, counter=counter +1,every sent packet. I encrypt with some key the
IV and then a XOR it with the message and encrypt all of it together,
where can i get more information about the  encryption about the IV,
papers and more..

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