Possible infection by malware?

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The Proxomitron reports that it has blocked the following addresses.
Using "whois" I came up with the following:

Abovenet Communications, Inc ABOVENET-6 (NET-208-184-0-0-1)
EZULA/KABANGA MFN-B423-208-185-211-64-27 (NET-208-185-211-64-1)

United Layer, Inc. UNITEDLAYER-1 (NET-209-237-224-0-1)
Alexa Internet ALEXA-INTERNET (NET-209-237-237-0-1)

Would this show an infection or trojan?  I've run a scan using AdAware
and Spyblaster and neither show any spyware present, yet Proxomitorn
keeps stopping access to these sites.  Anyone got any suggestions?

Peter James
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Re: Possible infection by malware?

In the Usenet newsgroup comp.security.misc, in article

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Why is software that you installed trying to connect to those addresses?

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Someone with the handle of "Yosponge" posts a list of sites and addresses
to be concerned with. See the Usenet newsgroup 'alt.privacy.spyware'  and
http://www.geocities.com/yosponge/blockips.txt .   The
and address ranges show up on the lists.

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One would normally ask why you installed whatever software it is that
contains this malware, but it's your computer, not mine. Some software
you thought was interesting, or that some web site offered to install
for you is (as usual) infected.  Happens all the time, which is why there
is a huge market for anti-malware products.

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