PLiSS cryptofilesystem with SuSE 9.1?

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For purpose of saving confidential data, especially passwords, I
developed a specific system of encrypted partitions and containers.
(Personal Linux Security-System; PLiSS)

The encrypted file-*containers*, e.g. for the files of the home-directory,
were here as well layed down in *partitions* encrypted, too. So you can
mount resp. unmount such file-containers without any loss of security also
while the system is running.

So far, so well. The problem is only that the SuSE-modul for generating such
cryptofiles supports that approach not as yet. So I can't presently
establish my system fully automaticly. For example I have to move the
respective entrys made by OS from the cryptotab to the fstab by hand. But
not enough with that. SuSE 9.1 changes under some conditions (e.g. during
creating a new filecontainer) the respective entrys on its own. But, if the
changed entrys are replaced again by the former entries, the old entries
will not work any more :-(( .

So it happened to me that the original entry in fstab:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

was replaced by the following entry

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Of course, I unterstand some of the entrys, but for some other I ask you for
your help. So, but now simply one after the other:

       *OLD*                                   *NEW*           

/tmp/encrypted_file /home/stefan ext3  /tmp/encrypted_file /home/stefan ext3
*REMARK:* Clear: path to the container, mountpoint, filesystem.
       *OLD*                                   *NEW*           

        acl                                     acl

**REMARK:*:* Also clear: entry for acl-extension
       *OLD*                                   *NEW*           

     user_xattr                              user_xattr

*REMARK:* I don't know, what that shall mean. Simply copied. Surely not so
      *OLD*                                   *NEW*           

  encryption=twofish256                 encryption=twofish256 

*REMARK:* Algorithm for encryption. By the way, previously SuSE used just
only twofish.
       *OLD*                                   *NEW*           

       loop                               loop=/dev/loop0

*REMARK:* Apparently SuSE is now binding the particular cryptofilesystems
statically to a specific loop-device, instead of dynamicly like before. So
I've got some problems. Because e.g. /dev/loop0 is in my case always
already occupied by that encrypted partition, on which my file-container
for the home-directory is stored. If I don't mount that partition, I can't
reach my homecontainer anyway. I simply changed the device-assignment. Then
it works. Was that statical binding of loop-devices already possible in
former times, or is that a new feature?PLiSS Cryptofilesystem mit SuSE 9.1?
PLiSS Cryptofilesystem mit SuSE 9.1?
       *ALT*                                   *NEW*           

*REMARK:* What, the f.., is that?
       *ALT*                                   *NEW*            


*REMARK:* See above.   

       *ALT*                                   *NEW*            


*REMARK:* Wonderful! How careful! The people of SuSE are apparently of the
opinion that only root should mount a cryptofilesystem, and impose their
point of view on everybody, who don't shares their convictions.

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