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Say I have a password like JenP4$$4PlayerS.  I understand this is a bad
(i.e. not strong) password for a number of reasons.  It has
combinations of words, abbreviations and palindromes.  My question is,
given that all 15 characters have to be used (that is, the password
can't be split into smaller units, like 7 digits) even if you can split
out the pieces of the words, palindromes and abbreviation, if there's
say a million each of these, you take a million cubed, and that's still
a very large number.  So how weak is a password like this?  What kind
of resources would it take to break? (rough approximation)

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rules for good passwords OT Re: A beautiful morning in AFM.

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Bad grrrl, Anne, bad boy, Lynn. lol
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Your password is rather secure namely because of its use of captal
letters, numbers, and higher level ASCII characters. Try this method
for creating passwords:

I love Linux...

That's a lot more secure but still easy enough to remember if you were
to think long enough.

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"Trusted Computing" is a SCAM

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Why don't you use something like John the Ripper and find out how long
it does take?

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