Online Graduate Information Security Programs - Comparison

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Hi all,

I'm sure someone out there must have some insight into this area. I am
planning on working full time next year, but also wanted to do a part
time MS program dealing with Information Security. I have looked into
a few programs, but my bigger question is regarding two univeristies:
Stevens Inst. of Tech in NJ and JMU in Virginia. Both have online
security programs and are noted on the NSA Centers for Academic
Excellence. However, neither are ranked very highly in terms of
Computer Science degree programs, that I could find at least. I was
wondering if anyone had any information regarding these programs, in
terms of quality and perceived reputation by employers in the
industry. Is it better to stick with a school on this NSA list, such
as these two, or to go for a school that is nationally known as a
strong CS program, such as USC or UofI Urbana. (I know urbana is
listed on the NSA site as well) Also, which of these two programs is
stronger? Do they have different emphasis? Is one regarded more highly
than the other?

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone
knows of any other online degree programs in infosec, other than those
listed, feel free to pass them on to me.


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