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Unfortunately, I may need to occasionally use puiblic access pc's for
banking on the move.

The pc's use Windows software and IE.

Can anyone suggest some freeware that I can carry on a pen drive that
will secure Windows (from loggers, etc).

I have a facility that protects passwords and the bank uses https.


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You seem to have the notion it's not a good idea, but I'd like to
increase your paranoia to fever pitch.

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Nope.  If the os is infected, you're pretty much screwed.  If a key
logger doesn't get you then the browser could be mitm'd.  You could
have a screen based keyboard program, but that's gotta poke something
into the web browser boxes that likely most key loggers will "see"
anyway.  At best, you'll evade most but not all.  And there's no
telling if the public machine isn't owned in the browser.

If the public access PC can boot from that pen drive, then a pen drive
bootable Linux is probably your best hope, but even that assumes there
are no hardware key loggers on the machine.

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Unfortunately you still have to enter those protected passwords into
the computer, which _then_ encrypts just the transport with https
(assuming there isn't a cert in the browser enabling a MITM attack, or
someone just happily running sslstrip on the machine or network) and
that's where the trouble can be.

I'd suggest finding a few hundred bucks for a netbook, and updating
your banking passwords from a trusted machine.

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Regis wrote:
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metrre Firefox sur une clé. Mettre le mot de passe général sur firefox
enregistrer vos codes d'accès (sur un pc saint). De ce fait le logger
n'aura que le mot de passes de firefox mais ne pourra accéder à ceux

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If you are using "somebody else's" machine, and you don't trust them to
have it secure, there is *NOTHING* you can do to make the machine secure.

One *possible* solution -- if you can re-boot the machine and have it boot
from your pen drive.

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