Obtaining Private Key out of a JKCS8 file

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Hi everyone...

I have the following scenario, maybe I could get some further insight
on how to tackle the situation:

Currently developing a security solution embedded into an 8 bit micro-
processor, with limitations in memory. I am implementing a signing
algorithm based on ElGamal (ECC).

Given that a whole certificate would not fit, I was thinking of
storing the Private Key + Serial Number in a secured area, which key
and serial are then fed to the algorithm.

To generate the certificates I am using StrongAuth's CSRTool + EJBCA,
providing me with a JKCS10/8 and the actual certificate.

Is there any way/tool/API with which I can extract the Private Key as
a byte array or String?

I thank you all for your time...

Best Regards,

Chris Porter

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