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Hi there.  A friend of mine encountered a new file on his Windows
computer (XP Home edition, v2002 Sp1 on a home brew system).  The
filename is siae3123.exe, located in the windows/system32 folder.  It
pops up every 15 seconds or so for 1-2 seconds and then goes away.

He can't delete it from the computer because it's in use.  The big
startup list at sysinfo.org doesn't mention that particular file.
Adaware and virus scanners don't identify it.  It isn't located in the
startup tab when MSCONFIG is run.

He opened the file in WORDPAD, and he says it appears to be some sort
of internet blocker/filter, and he hasn't installed anything like that

I can't find any mention of the filename using Google, either on the
web or in newsgroups. I've heard it mentioned that some new spyware
creates random names, and I'm wondering how to find out what this is
and where it came from.

Re: Obscure file - siae3123.exe

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FWIW, I have a system with a SiS chipset that has a lot of files with names
very similar to that.  My systems with other chipsets don't have any files
that look like that.

You might run msinfo32 and rummage around under components to see if it
belongs to any hardware.  Alternatively, you might just uncheck it in
msconfig and see if you can live without it.


Re: Obscure file - siae3123.exe

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Well, it's not a SiS mobo, but I like the direction you're going.  It
could be a file needed by his system that got infected, or simply
corrupted.  Once he nails down what it's for, he can overwrite from
the hardware CD-ROM.

Could someone please crosspost to the appropriate newsgroup for XP

More info on the system:
XP (Home edition, v 2002 w Sp1), homebrew PC (athalon 1700+ cpu on an
asus Mobo), 512 MB ram, MSI GeForce 4200 with 64 MB ram (53.03 nvidia
drivers), Creative SB, 80 GB HDD (can't remember make) with a 40 GB
secondary drive. mobo uses nforce drivers.

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