NIS slowing machine to a crawl?

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A friend of mine is running Norton Internet Security 2004 on a 700MHz PC
under Win98 SE. His machine now runs at a crawl, even when it is not
connected to the Internet.

When starting a program by double-clicking on a desktop icon, it often
takes 15 seconds or more for the program to come to life. Pre-NIS, it
was almost instantaneous.

When trying to run MS disk fragmenter, it sits for over an hour without
any disk blocks appearing in the "Details" window, yet the disk is
obviously being accessed. Pre-NIS, the disk blocks appeared a few
seconds after starting the fragmenter.

He updates and runs Norton AV, CWShredder, AdAware SE and Spybot
Search&Destroy every day, and his system is reportedly clean.

Is there any way to select a "safe" NIS configuration that will let the
machine run at something approaching its former rate? (I don't know NIS
at all, so have not been able to help him).


Re: NIS slowing machine to a crawl?

news wrote:
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Yes. The problem is NIS. That is well known. It requires a lot of system

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Yes. Disable/uninstall file-sharing on this computer. Deinstall NIS.
Check your computer with a port scanner like in the internet.
Windows 98 had, I think, only the file-sharing service that would listen
to the internet if it was running. Despite of that, there are not
network services on a normal Windows 98. Therefore you won't need NIS as
there is nothing that an attacker from the internet could attack. The
port scan should give you insight if it worked. (You could certainly
first deactivate NIS and then run the port scan to see if there is any
problem.) If any port is reported open, post which port it is.

Else the command prompt command "netstat -a" should give information
about services running on the computer. But I am not sure if W98 has
netstat and if its implementation is bug-free enough to report it


Re: NIS slowing machine to a crawl?

Gerald Vogt skrev i meldingen
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Win 98SE has netstat, and it seems to do the job properly. Not sure about
first edition.

Re: NIS slowing machine to a crawl?

news skrev i meldingen ...
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Are there other security apps installed? I have seen the problem described
on computers with two AV packages installed and both doing "active
protection", i.e. scanning all opened files. The result was a conflict. You
could try deactivating autoprotect in Norton to see if the problem is

You should have some autoprotect activated, though, so this is just a
diagnostic step. You need to find the cause of the conflict if one is

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