NIS 2005 Renewal Problem

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History ~ Dell 8600 Laptop, XP Home Sp2, Norton Internet Security 2005.
 Subscription for Norton Internet Security Expiering so I uninstall
previous version and reinstall using a new 2005 License Key. The
renewal date Does not change 10/29/2005???? What gives.  I have
searched the registry and tried to clean all references to Norton,
Symantec and license pertaining to NAV or NIS.  Any Ideas would be
apprecated.  Thx Tek

Re: NIS 2005 Renewal Problem

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There are so many claims about not being able to remove this Symantec
products, that I personally believe, the quickest way to get rid of
it is to reinstall your box, and omitting it.

"Ich bin ein freier Mensch und werde jetzt von meinen Freiheitsrechten
Gebrauch machen - und zwar ausgiebig - natürlich nur in dem Rahmen, den
Otto Schily mir noch zur Verfügung stellt."
                   Wolfgang Clement am 10.10.05 als Noch-Superminister

Re: NIS 2005 Renewal Problem

tek4u wrote:
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Uninstall, Do a search for Symantec on C: There are folders under prof
files, common files and in each user profile which contain this
information, also get rid of any liveupdate stuff.

Re: NIS 2005 Renewal Problem

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application

This is the folder where Symantec stores the license definition. Just
delete that file, and try to update again.

Re: NIS 2005 Renewal Problem

tek4u wrote:
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Okay... Depending on how you use this information, you don't need to
enter the new key. I don't advocate outright piracy mind you... but you
asked how to remove it, so I will tell you. This has the side effect of
resetting your first year subscription. You can reinstall with your old
key and reactivate.

Uninstall the program thru add/remove control panel if you can.
Reboot your computer into safe mode.
Remove the following directories:

Under program files
remove all norton/symantec folders.
under program files/common files
remove symantec shared folder
under \documents and settings
select a user, enter application data folder, delete symantec folder
(this actually contains your subscription information).
do this for all users.

Do it from a console window for ease.
reboot your pc
open regedit
close regedit
install norton.

For win9x oses, the subscription information is under windows\allusers
I seem to remember. Deleting it does make norton think its a virgin
install. :)

As I said, I don't condone piracy... So if you do this and cheat
norton, it's you who won't sleep well at night. Not me.

Dustin Cook

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