newert bookmarks seem to misteriously disappear

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Hi Guys,

Hope you can help me with my latest issue.  I have a PIV 1.92 GB 512 DDR
        RAM, 100 Giga plus system, my browser is Netscape 7.1.

Lately, my latest bookmarks seem to misteriously disappear.  I thought
the problem might be too many saved Bkmarks, so I erased a couple
hundred, but the problem returned.  Not only that, but new links are
added to the top in "Bkmark Manager" and on the screen.  I keep my
Norton AV updated, have disabled Windows Restore previous to scanning,
but no virus are ever apparent.  Norton detects what it calls "adware
threats" (ie. adware.lop) which are incidental to operations of
installed programs, and which it doesn't allow to be automatically
erased. I have also run "Trojan Remover" and "spybot S&D easy mode", but
no trojans or viruses are evident.

I have already erased the foreign Bkmarks manually, but I'm afraid they
will return somehow, and I will lose again my newest ones.

Any pointers?  TIA

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