new virus(es) ?

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Last night I was hit with something nasty:

0. it altered my registry file, including scrambling the Product Key
number (it would seem)

1. it turned my notepad application into an exe with attachments
sitting inside of EXCEL files with nonsense names (3 of them) - sorry
i killed them w/o checking to see what they would do.

2. it created a XLADDIN.chw file (it is supposed to be "chm"), which
AdAware removed from the registry, but the file is still present.

3. it installed an application for "carnival casino".

4. the latest version of Norton did nothing (what a surprise).

5. with the speed that I naviagate the net, it's possible that I have
two different events spaced by about six minutes.  I've done what I
can, but I'm afraid when I shut down, it'll need a fresh install to
get me back. ugh.



Re: new virus(es) ?

after you clean up....

change browsers.  get off IE.  try firefox.  you can find it from and search for firefox.

If you are not behind a router and on high speed.  get one.  antivirus is
not enough.

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Re: new virus(es) ?

I was able to beat it back.  Editing register files is always fun!  I
also tried McAfee for the first time and it found things that AdAware
& Norton couldn't.

I'll try some alternate browsers, or just LILO to Linux more often!


Re: new virus(es) ?

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                                       There you go ^^^^^^^^ ;)

--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---
+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++

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