New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

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Hi all,

I will be be upgrading from dial-up to to broadband in about one week
and I am sure this will sound like a stupid question to most of you,
but I looked around the web and newsgroups for a while now and just
don't seem to get it. I would like to buy one piece of software to
protect my system from hackers, spyware, adware and put up a firewall.
Now, Zonealarm Security Suite seems to have all of that, but people
seem to recommend additional pieces of software. Hence, my questions:
a) What protection does Zonealarm Security Suite offer (virus, spyware,
b) Will I need additional software for spyware, adware, etc?
c) Is there a one for all program, if it is not Zonealarm Security

Thanx folks!

Re: New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

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One piece of software won't hack it.

In order of importance:

You MUST have some sort of antivirus software.  There are a lot of them out
there.  Each has it's bad points.  Norton and Macafee are the most popular.
Either one is a real pain.  There are about a zillion freeware/sharewars
antivirus programs.  I doubt a small vendor has the ability to keep up with
the rapidly changing virus world, so I wouldn't trust them.  That leaves you
with two bad choices.

You MUST have an external hardware firewall.  This is no fun.  A decent one
is a major project to set up.

You SHOULD have some anti-spyware software.  There doesn't seem to be one
that does the job.  Most folks seem to be happy with the combination of
Ad-aware and Spybot S&D.

It would also be NICE to have a software firewall.  Notice that there is
very little overlap between the capability of a software firewall and a
hardware firewall.  ZoneAlarm falls into this category and while it is a
nice to have, it is nowhere near as important as the above categories. I'm
not convinced that ZoneAlarm is all that much better than the firewall that
comes with Windows.  Most of the complaints I've seen about the Windows
firewall have been about problems in one a couple of major versions back.

All that being said, if you have relatively little critical, sensitive
information, then a reasonable path is to go do Windows firewall and Norton
AV, and BACK UP FREQUENTLY.  Recognize that you are going to loose the
battle from time to time, but if you have a recent backup it won't be a
disaster.  Even with all of the above you will loose once in a while, so the
backup is still a necessity.  But with a multiply layered approach, it's not
going to happen very often.

I would say the backup is at least ten times more important than a software
firewall.  Unfortunately, Windows backups are not all that easy, either.  As
far as I've been able to tell, Norton Ghost is about the only thing that can
give you a full backup, but like Norton Antivirus, it breaks regularly which
is something you don't want to hear about in backup software.  Also, it
can't be automated, which is a major pain.  Depending on the size and speed
of your computer and DVD burner, expect to spend a couple of hours to a day
backing up.  Depending on how much you use your computer, you should back up
about weekly.  Yes, it's a pain.

Backup is good advice anyway, but once you expose yourself to all the time
connection to the Internet, it is just about a necessity, unless you don't
mind loosing all your data and rebuilding your system from time to time.


Re: New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

Cheers! Thanx for the advise. I am already regretting the move to
broadband... ;)

Re: New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

On Tue, 03 May 2005 06:57:56 +0000, averel wrote:

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Please donīt despair. Hereīs personal experience to tell you why:

I switched from dial-up to broadband, and then lost my comp - major
hardware fault. While replacing my working hardware, I installed and used
a machine based on Win ī95. I had virus, adware, hijackers, etc. ad
infinitum 30 minutes after going online without any protection.

When I did replace my hardware (win ī98) I immediatly put in ZoneAlarm,
Spybot, Ad-Aware, and AVG.

Itīs been over ten months now, with the machine up and online up to 15
hours or more daily, and NOT ONE problem, and no indication that I ever
will have.



Re: New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

xpyttl wrote:
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Can you recommend one please?



Re: New to Boradband - Which Security needed?

I would recommend that you use a non-monopoly operating system; i.e.
don't expose a windows box to the net. wrote:
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