New forum, no flame, no lame, just pure security and programming stuff

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!


We've just opened a new forum for security / programming related
We're currently looking for new members, and sorting out who will
become moderators, and who will become admins.
At the moment, there's only a few 30 people registered, but if people
come to register, and subscribe to the topics etc (for notification) I
think we can get up and running quite nicely in just a few weeks.
All help appreciated, this is not just a newbie project, but a serious
attempt to gather cunning and new people at the same place, for
information to be shared!

If this will be a success, and people will help and come there for
help, we will consider integrating google support to the site, making
it possible to browse google-groups from the site.

Check it!

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