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I have created what I believe is a new encryption cypher that is unbreakable, uncrackable, and hopefully secure.

I call it the Simplexity Cypher.

More info here:

Feedback and such is appreciated.

- Bill

Re: New Encryption Cypher

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The same thing all crypt snakeoil salesmen say. It indicates that you
know nothing about crypto, in which case why should anyone waste even a
minute looking at your stuff?

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If you are like others of your ilk, this is a lie. After all you have
already decided it is unbreakable uncrackable, and secure.

What exactly have you read about cryptography?  What crytographic systems
have your cracked?  
Ie, why should anyone give you even 30 seconds of their time?

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Re: New Encryption Cypher

On Thursday, June 19, 2014 12:26:47 AM UTC-7, William Unruh wrote:
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Except they are trying to sell you something.
My offer is absolutely free.
But it does cure most ills, as well. (no extra charge)

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(because you have nothing else better to do with your time? -- although,
you might want to use it to work on your logic and critical thinking skillz --
you know, take a college-level course or something)

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If I thought you deserved an answer to that I would waste my time writing
more than this reply.

Go be angry at the world (and yourself) somewhere else where anyone cares.
Good luck with that.


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