Network Restructuring (Network Design and Equipment)

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This is the real commercial problem face by my company. Well, the
reason I ask this problem is I salute and respect all of

you as I believe all of you are as good as network solution company out
there, or even better!!

Lets me rephrase the entire problem again.

Company expand so fast that the IT infrastructure is not fast enough to
cater high volume of traffic; the initial design is

not scalable. The number of new branch offices setup caused the company
pay a high price in the leased line communication.
Salesman and management staffs dial into company networks via 56K modem
to access the database server and update the sale

order. All the branch offices access the internet via HQ and download
email via the external POP3 email server.
Plan to revamp their IT infrastructure and reduce the leased line
access cost. Here are some of the feedbacks consolidated

from the various country managers and local salesman.
1) The email downloading and sending is very slow. They receive a lot
of spam email this caused their individual mailbox

quota use up very fast.
2) The sales and marketing departments need to access the internet to
search for latest news and market trends. But the

internet speed is very slow. These people are irritated by spywares and
popup often.
3) The File transfer and Database access is very slow even in the local
area networks.

I decided to put the real network cum equipment diagram of my current
company as I believe this will at least give INSIGHT in

solving the problem.

Please visit the website
for the diagrams which are network diagram and equipment diagram.

Now I plan to improve the IT infrastructure to cater for future
expansion up to 10 countries. SAP will be implement to

automate the overall company operation. Also expect 3rd party to access
their server to submit and view sale order.

I also plan to redesign the network so that it is high available,
scalable and secure.

Any suggestion and opinion? What is your comment after looking at my
network and its insfrastructure (from the diagrams on )
Any improving needed?

My email is Of course you can reply here, preferable

Thanks again for your opinion!! Thank You!!

Re: Network Restructuring (Network Design and Equipment) says...
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If you can afford SAP you can afford to hire a consultant to help with
your design and implementation.

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