Need test links

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I'm testing a hardware browse filter from a company that claims
to be monitoring URL access, and creating a vast library of
"allowed" sites that have been filtered and tested for scams,
porn, phishing, etc. It is quite expensive, so I need to prove
to myself and this University, that the device actually works,
and is not just a duplicate of "security" settings in I.E.
Do any of you have links that are known trojan pushers, phishing
scams, "artistic" porn, commercial scumware, homepage hijackers,
etc ?? My goal is to keep my labs up and running, and be able
to send a print job 30 feet without it crashing due to "server"
traffic from scumware that these bastards will sneak on to
our computers and saturate our bandwidth ... or use us as
mp3 servers, and create legal issues that are difficult to see
or control.  I'm doing this now using gpedit and brute force.
My approach is free and works, but it greatly limits legitimate
educational access ... so I'm testing the hardware filter.


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