Need help with with Norton anti virus problems

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One of my users scanned a .exe file for viruses and now it has taken
over Norton Anti virus. When clicking on Live update nothing was
happening so I rebooted the computer. Norton came up with 1004,1 error
"Some symantec product settings have been changed by an unautherized
program. THis can indicate that an attacker or virus is attempting to
disable your protection. To avoid problems, setting will be revertud to
the previous configuration and your system will be restarted. Click OK
to continue." There is a link under that that says Click here to go to
symantec Technical Support Knowledge Base wich brings up "The page
cannot be displayed".   Recemendations from them was to reload wich I
did. Still the same problem existed. But some of the opptions had
changed and were not changable. (auto-updates disabled and such). When
using browser to go to symantec's site on that computer I would get
"page cannot be displayed" or any other page by symantec. I have no
problems getting to any other sites but theres so I can't get updates
for the reload of norton antivirus 2003. I have even loaded Mozillas
foxfire on the computer to see if I could browse symantec sites and it
says "Alert The connection was refused when attempting to contact" I know that the site is up cause of the other
computers in office. Is there anyone out there that has crossed such
problems or know of any steps I can take to fix this fix/troubleshoot
this problem?

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