Need help in resuming a dd image

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I put together a old machine specifically for imagaing several tivo drives.
(for backup)
I blew it, and used a USB external drive connected to a usb port
on the motherboard that is usb 1.1,  thought it was 2.0.
Several days later, it has only completed imaging 2/3 of the drive.
All said, I want to shutdown the computer, install a usb pci card
capable of usb 2.0 and resume where I left off somehow.

The command run for producing image file:
dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/sdc1/tivo/6.2a-whole-320hdd.img bs=4096 conv=noerror,sync

running stat like so:
root@aptosid-tyan-s1854:/home/johnnylately# stat
  File: `/mnt/sdc1/tivo/6.2a-whole-320hdd.img'
  Size: 261172961280    Blocks: 510602088  IO Block: 4096   regular file
Device: 821h/2081d    Inode: 73007109    Links: 1

Running command:
kill -USR1 2337

63763934+0 records in
63763934+0 records out
261177073664 bytes (261 GB) copied, 266003 s, 982 kB/s

According to:

Using the seek=<some block size> skip=<some block size> options
for dd I should be able to resume image where I left off if I knew
how to figure out proper block size. Have no idea.

Can I use the blocksize from the output of stat ?
{Blocks: 510602088}

for seek=510602088 skip=510602088 or is there some kind of
conversion I need to figure for "blocks"?

What would the proper command to run be to achieve what I'm trying to do?


Re: Need help in resuming a dd image

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