n3td3v has left public life behind but is still watching everyone

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Due to the constant peer pressure and cyber bullying towards n3td3v on
Full-disclosure mailing list the google group has been deleted there
will be no return of the n3td3v google group.

However, n3td3v will still be watching everyone and reporting cyber
criminals to the government and vendors.

n3td3v will live strong in your minds, it was the people who destroyed
n3td3v in the end.

If peer pressure wasn't put on n3td3v the google group would have

Due to peer pressure a lot was done to say n3td3v wasn't a security
group, the people killed the security group in the end.

Nothing became of n3td3v security group because the people decided
they didn't like n3td3v.

There was no point in the end in one person posting to the google
group and everyone else just watching, it was supposed to be more than
that but it wasn't.

n3td3v is a very capable security researcher in the security
community, but the people decided to target him with abuse instead of
listening to what was wanted to be said.

Free speech was removed from full-disclosure mailing list the day John
Cartwright banned n3td3v from full-disclosure mailing list, full-
disclosure mailing list will never be the same again.

The wrong choices were made by John Cartwright to support the cyber
bullying by removing n3td3v but I guess thats just the way it goes.

Full-disclosure mailing list are cyber bullying pros good on you thank

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