Mysterious app. tries to connect, no info found yet, any ideas?

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My SW-Firewall (ZoneAlarm) keeps producing alerts on startup. An
application called "vsihoyguy5.exe" tries accessing the gateway on DNS
Port and Localhost: Port XXXX (changing). The Process doing this
changes every time ("process 860 is trying to.." the next time it's
process 348 and so on), thats why ZoneAlarm keeps alerting me and the
remembered settings are no use.

The application properties window shows the following:

Path: C:\Windows\System32
Size: 0 Bytes (!)
and so on..

I can't find the file "vsihoyqy5.exe" at this path, I didn't find any
information about the file on internet and groups and Spybot, Adaware
and some online Security Scanners didn't find anything.

I installed Java 1.5 recently, could this be the Problem? (I
personally don't think so..)

I'm using Windows XP.

Can anybody help me, any idea?

Thanks a lot,


Re: Mysterious app. tries to connect, no info found yet, any ideas?

Hi jay,

First of all you did mistake. Why you've not given PORT number. So that
we can identify it easily.
Anyway What I doubt is, Somebody has installed some keylogger kind of
thing in your Machine...

First reboot your machine to safe mode and see whatz their in your
system start-up (you can see the run part in Sys registry).  Then go to
your System directory and check for the filename again. And see any
file is their by that name (Use your admin login there).

No Java not sends any Information and nor tries to connect to download
or to send any information....
I hope you'll definately find something fishy....  ;-)


Re: Mysterious app. tries to connect, no info found yet, any ideas? (jay) wrote:

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Have you tried an antivirus program?

There are some good free ones available. I recommend Anti-Vir: /

which I use myself. If that doesn't work, you could try other antivirus and
anti-adware programs. I'm not sure what else to suggest.

I'm guessing that there is some other program somewhere that creates
"vsihoyguy5.exe" every time it runs, and then runs "vsihoyguy5.exe", which
itself somehow hides the file while it runs (spawn a process then delete the
original process and its EXE file?). Maybe a contents (text) search of your
computer for "vsihoyguy" would turn up the real culprit? Best of luck.

Nick Roberts

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