MySpace Data Phished and Leaked

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MySpace Data Phished and Leaked

January 19, 2007 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- A large quantity of
MySpace ( user login and password data has recently been
exposed and posted online.

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According to reports, researchers looking into the phishing techniques
used on the social networking site found that data was apparently
gathered via a spoofed login page and over 56,000 sets of details are
currently circulating online. Researchers also found through a
traceroute that the site linked to the phishing attack was registered
under a Marc Olano from LunarDev Productions located in San Diego,

Upon closer examination of the list, researchers say that some users
spotted the phishing attempt right off the bat and posted fake or even
abusive login information. In addition, phishing filters like Firefox,
were quickly updated to warn users visiting the Web site.

However, that still didn't stop the link from being posted in a
security form on the Full Disclosure Web site. Although the Web site
hosting both the phish and the data has since been taken down, it is
believed the data has been exposed to numerous visitors and is still
available elsewhere on the Web.

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