My user accounts now have very limited rights

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XP Pro/SP1. I sign on via an administrator account.  I have no

User accounts have problems.  Even brand new user accounts.

They can not delete Word documents which they has just
created and saved to their desktop.  When they press DELETE or
uses Delete in the context menu, the eggtimer appears briefly
and then ... nothing.  Nor can they rename these Word files.

With other types of file (.XLS or .TXT or .ZIP) on the desktop
they can rename them but not delete them.  They can copy and paste
files on his desktop but they can not do this in their user's data

Only two or three tabs are visible in the Properties dispay of
icons on the desktop for documents.

I can't work out what might be causing this.  There is no process
running which I can see is the culprit.  Maybe I installed
something and it changed the settings and then I uninstalled it?

Do any of you specialists know where I might look and what
settings might be affected?

Is there a something which needs resetting on the system?

Thank you.

BTW - I recently had to reinstall Office 2000 because Excel was
messed up.  I had to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
because Add/Remove had a glitch with MS Office.  I can't say if
this is related as my uses his account only occassionally..

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