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Can anyone answer this question?

I'm thinking of doing an MSc in Information Security (external study).
The course I was recommended was the one currently run by the
University of London, Holloway College.

Since I'm studying externally, I guess there would be other
possibilities, such as study at a U.S. University.

The question:  Can anyone recommend good external study MSc courses in
IT Security...?  Worldwide?

I'm looking for a course that would give me a broad understanding of
the major areas in IT Security.  My goal is employment as an IT
Security Consultant (network security is a particular interest of

Any ideas?  Even the "don't bother with an MSc, but try such and
such..." would be welcome!


Re: MSc IT Security

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I would look at the University of Maryland.

Re: MSc IT Security


I was looking for the same thing as you are a couple of years ago.
Maryland is supopsed to be a good course. I remember I applied to
George Washington University. Although I've never heard any reviews on
that, the courses seemed interesting at the time. Eventually, I did the
MSc at Royal Holloway (university of London), and I can tell you that
it was a good option. They work close with the industry and they are
highly rated in the market. I have to tell you though, not to expect a
very technical course. Students come from all kinds of areas... some
guys have a great deal of technical knowledge, others don't know much
about it. In the end, they provide you with the means (there's a
pentest lab, and some optional practical tutorials) but it's really up
to you how technical you want to go. The thesis is also up to you: you
can go for a technical project, or for a more theoretical one.

Also worth mention, Royal Holloway has supposed to be the University in
the UK with the best nightlife (and by nightlife, I mean, girls! :) )

Re: MSc IT Security

What's "MSc"?  Is that a Masters of Science?  If so, I recommend
Norwich University Master of Science in Information Assurance.  I'm
taking the courses on line and it is a great program.  I can't say
enough about it.  It's a great program with great teachers.

Re: MSc IT Security

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I've looked into this a bit myself and here are a few more that offer
"distance learning" master's degrees:

Capitol College (Maryland) -- Master's in Network Security /

James Madison University (Virginia) -- Infosec Master's Program /

Southern Methodist University (Texas) -- Security Engineering

I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I came across that I don't
believe were previously mentioned in this thread.


Re: MSc IT Security

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University of Fairfax is another /

No endorsement implied.


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