MSc in IT/Information Security

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I've seen some random comments about the MSc in Information Security
which can be attained through Royal Holloway Univeristy of London.

Has anybody compared this with other University offerings?

Prestige of the institution
Content of the study

I'm already a dyed in the wool security bod and I come from a technical
background (mostly networking) so I might find a technical course
easier... But I may find a business/policy/legal course more

I'm stuck with something in or around London (as that's where I work
and live) and I don't want to be completely remote from the

Possibles are
Westminster University
Anglia Polythechnic Universaity
and, of course,
Royal Holloway University of London

Anglia is interesting as there appears to be potential to roll some
Cisco accreditation into some of the modules.

I like the block studying from Westminster (a week of university based
study per module)

Royal Holloway seems to get a lot of mentions in relation to InfoSec
(it is either highly regarded or it's got the more active PR dept).

Any guys or gals out there care to comment on their experience of the
various establishments and how their credentials are percieved. Anyone
already reviewed the options and care to share their findings with me?

Note: I'm thinking of part-time study although I'm sure the company for
which I work will give me some dispensation (and possibly assistance
with fees)

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