MS AntiSpyware False Positive: autoload.exe as Autoloader.A

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The Shuttle AN35N Ultra mainborad comes with a driver installation disk
that installs c:\windows\autoload.exe
and a couple of registry entries in Win XP. Microsoft AntiSpyware
Version:  1.0.615 flags these as a high threat, that is, Autoloader.A
( ), but the virus sites
via give the file a clean
report (except for , which doesn't condemn
it that badly). I assume MS AntiSpy is giving a false positive.

I couldn't find any previous mention of this, so I'm reporting it now.

Wait.But now that I look for the file, even though I thought I told MS
AntiSpy to ignore it, I find MS AntiSpy quarantined it. I could
un-quarantine it, but I think it did its job already. (Am I right?)The
drivers are installed.

)|||(__ Nehmo __)|||(

Re: MS AntiSpyware False Positive: autoload.exe as Autoloader.A

Anything on the Shuttle disk is safe; sometimes AS will spot a script
as a dangerous virus when it is just part of the auto-install program.
I have been installing the AN35N board off the disk for couple of years
and no spyware on my computers.

BTW- that board uses NVIDIA chipset drivers; do yourself a huge favor,
and go to NVIDIA's website and download and install the newest
Universal drivers (don't forget to delete the old ones first); the
difference in sound especially is awsome.

BTW-the AN35N board is one of my favorites but Shuttle doesn't make it
anymore. Did you just purchase it, and if so, where did you get it??

Re: MS AntiSpyware False Positive: autoload.exe as Autoloader.A

I bought it new, but not recently.

The NVIDA link is for a display driver. In Add/Remove, I have three
entries for NVIDA drivers,
NVIDA Display Driver
NVIDA Drivers
Windows 2000/XP nForce Drivers
The download from that page, ,  is

Should I delete just the display driver, then execute the downloaded

)|||(__ Nehmo __)|||(

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