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Regarding my previous posts, I have now found out that the police used
a program called ENCASE; I've checked this out but I'm afraid it's a
bit beyond me. Sorry for the repetition but can someone clarify. Let us
suppose they use this program to search for the phrase "Dear Mr Smith",
will they be able to find it without turning on the computer and if it
is written in WORD, WordStar, WordPERFECT, Excel, encoded in
QuickBASIC, DBASE, or any of the above encoded and/'or deleted?

How long would it take to find such a phrase?


Re: more on disk searching

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I think I mentioned EnCase to you in one of my earlier posts, but regardless
of whether I did or didn't.  Yes.  EnCase can search the hard drive for
phrases without turning on the computer.  Yes.  EnCase can search the entire
hard drive, including files that have been deleted, slack space, etc.  In
summary if the phrase has ever been written, it's very probable EnCase will
find it on the hard drive.

FWIW I am trained in using EnCase and we (my company) own a licensed

Best regards, from Don Kelloway of Commodon Communications
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Re: more on disk searching

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Yes. And a simple grep -rli $TERM / will do.

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From seconds to minutes.

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