More DNS poisoning?

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Amazingly enough, although a Comcast customer for internet, I haven't
seen any DNS problems until today, and even today it seems to be minor
and intermittent.

But I have had email from several people today asking if my web site is
down (it isn't), and I notice that when I ssh out to various sites I'm
having some trouble with DNS here and there - mostly with names using
networksolutions for DNS (though it's very hard to tell absolutely of
course).  I don't think the problem is networksoltions because I can
usually do a dig@oneoftheirservers and get a response, but something is
broken somewhere - or a big router is having problems somewhere maybe?

Anybody else noticing this?  Of the people I heard from, I know that two
of them are Verizon customers, but I don't know the others..

And of course it's also obvious that their dns issue must be
intermittent also because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten their email
asking me if I'm down.. :-)

Tony Lawrence
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Re: More DNS poisoning?

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There have been problems with the nameservers all day.  
This morning I wasn't able to query many of them at all.  Since this
afternoon I have been able to query them directly, but queries through
several ISP's recursive servers, including AT&T, Comcast, and
Level(3)/Verizon, are still failing.

One of my customers owns a domain that Network Solutions hosts, so we
called them and opened a service request.  The CSR didn't have a
detailed explanation, just that they've been having server problems.

My current theory is that they've installed firewalls in front of their
nameservers, and they're treating the high-volume queries from ISP
nameservers as a DOS attack and blocking them.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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Re: More DNS poisoning?

I use Comcast high speed cable for ISP and several times during the
month I have had problems with DNS. I've made a file of some of the
IP's of sites I need to visit so I can access them witht the IP

Needless to say if you call their helpdesk they either don't know
anything about what the problem is or have been told not to talk about
it other than to say the engineers are working on it.

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