Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Vulnerability

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                       National Cyber Alert System

                      Cyber Security Alert SA06-270A

Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Vulnerability

   Original release date: September 27, 2006
   Last revised: --
   Source: US-CERT

Systems Affected

     * Microsoft Windows
     * Internet Explorer


     A vulnerability in ActiveX and Internet Explorer could allow an
     attacker to take control of your computer.


     Microsoft has not yet released an update to address this
     vulnerability. Until an update is available, consider the following
     best practices:

Disable ActiveX

     Disabling ActiveX will prevent exploitation of this and other
     ActiveX vulnerabilities. Instructions for disabling ActiveX in the
     Internet Zone can be found in "Securing Your Web Browser" and
     "Improve the safety of your browsing and e-mail activities."

Do not follow unsolicited links

     Do not click on unsolicited URLs, including those received in
     email, instant messages, web forums, or internet relay chat (IRC)


     An attacker could exploit a vulnerability in an ActiveX control by
     convincing a user to visit a web site with Internet Explorer. The
     attacker could then take any action as the user, including
     installing malicious software and accessing sensitive personal

     For more technical information, see Vulnerability Note VU#753044.


     Securing Your Web Browser -

     Vulnerability Note VU#753044 -

     Improve the safety of your browsing and e-mail activities -

     Microsoft Security Essentials - <>


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   September 27, 2006: Initial release

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