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Good Morning,

Im just wondering if anyone know how much system resources mcafee
internet security 2007 takes up versus norton.

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Re: Mcafee System Resources

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You don't need such "security software".

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    Besim Karadeniz in d.c.s.m.

Re: Mcafee System Resources

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They're both quite bulky.

Have you considered Kaspersky or Eset NOD32 for AV?

Todd H. /

Re: Mcafee System Resources

Carmine782 wrote:
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Carmine,  I have based my career on UNIX, there are 6 pages of options
to "ps"
(program status) and a wealth of other utilities to test a process, and
you can
even "nice" it to a lower priority...  However even lowly XP has "task
which will allow you to see how much memory a process uses (McAfee runs
several processes, depending on your configuration, and so does
so you can see how much memory each one uses under idle conditions as
well as when you are wailing away.  Don't be surprised if your CPU is
at 100%
useage, that is normal, the job scheduler in any OS rotates processes
in and
out of a queue.

BTW DO check to see if you are paging (this is beyond Norton useage)
you are paging heavily and the page file useage goes way up (you can
also see
that you are running out of RAM.  Processes in RAM run in
speeds, and when you page out to disk you are running in milisecond
think of this as minutes compared to hours or days... when you go to
the network
(where useage is measured in mbps (mega BITS per second) as opposed to
(mega Bytes per second) with disk so think weeks....

I wonder what is meant by the statement, "you don't need security SW"?
and spyware need/use lots of resources ;-)  maybe this person runs UNIX
or a Mac?



PS Anyone need a Solaris/Linux/AIX/SGI/cisco/Firewall guru? Contact me

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