Managing SSL Certificates in large environment.

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I currently manage certificates in a rapidly growing environment.  As
we grow we add more certificates.  These certificates are installed on
multiple devices/servers.  Each certificate could have separate
instructions for installation.  We also host 3rd party certificates on
our devices to provide co-branded web sites.  All of this is currently
kept track of in a spreadsheet which includes the common name,
expiration date, contact information of the user who must approve/
disapprove, special installation instructions, and location the
certificate must be installed.

Our certificate authority sends email when we close in on expiration
which helps to remind me to renew the certificate.  However this email
notification along with our handy dandy spreadsheet just isn't cutting

Is there anyone out there who manages certificates for a larger
organization?  If so can you explain how you manage SSL certificates?
Any information would be helpful to me.  I'm looking for any
information.  Some things I can think of
-policies you have in place for renewal
-software you use to manage certificates
-how you store copies of the certificates
-how do you send the certificates to other users for installation
(email?  do you use pgp?)
-any tools to deploy certificates to multiple cross platform devices

Of course I do many other things besides keep track of and renew
certificates.  So anything to make this process more efficient for me
would be greatly appreciated.


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